Saturday, June 2, 2012

Murder on the Bookshelf

A quick side note: I returned to my Juneau home last week, and haven't gotten a new post up yet as I had a surprise welcome home party, two dinners, and The Avengers to catch up on! Oh! And changes to the house made in my absence.

I had another bathroom post in the works, when my dear old dad called me into the front room to look at something. Quick, and crime were uttered somewhere in there. And this is what I beheld:

Oh No! Not Mr. Mann!!
E. Quin is running from the scene of the crime!!!

So we called in the CSI team. And they took photos:

The Scene
(Mother wouldn't let us use real chalk)

The victim looks as though he was in pain.

After the body was moved.
The worst part of it all, they looked as though they were such good friends, Mr. Mann and E. Quin. I mean, they played so well together up until E kicked him off the shelf. These pictures were taken in happier times:

Playing Tag.

E. Quin and Mr. Mann's humble abode.