Thursday, May 17, 2012

I live at home

About a year ago I started house hunting. I wanted to take my hard-earned money and put it down on a nice little two-bedroom condo, if I could find one I could afford in my exceedingly expensive housing market, or one bedroom if I couldn't.
Then I started travelling for work. Well, travelling is a bit much. More like, spending months working in one location, far, far from home.
If I wanted to buy a condo I was going to have to find someone to watch it while I was gone. Enter Mom and Dad. They were considering moving back to the real world and buying a home after five years of rent-free but laborious living.
So why not combine our awesomeness and buy a home together?
Frustrating searching and offering ensued. On a fluke, using my smart phone one day after getting news that we lost yet another property we thought was perfect, I pulled up a foreclosure listing that was on the same street my family had lived on when we first moved to Juneau. Kismet? Maybe. After driving by and window shopping, we called our wonderful Realtor, and took a tour. And then proceeded to put an offer on it that day.
And being a foreclosure, we finally closed two months later, and I moved in right away.
Did I mention it needed some work? Oh boy. It is a work in progress. But not just the house. My learning to be a responsible homeowner, fix the big things, and get dinner on the table when my parents come home (seems backwards...hmmmm) is in progress too. I've learned to make a couple of casseroles! And how to replace a toilet! And remodel a bathroom in 2 weeks, before I headed off for 3 months!

Anyways, follow along as I figure it out.
Mi Casa needs a weed eater.

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