Friday, May 18, 2012

M's bathroom, Part I

We fell in love with this house in large part because we have two master bedrooms. One has a tub in one closet. The other has an awkward doorway. And a door off the garage. That one became mine. Yay! The tub in the closet is in my parents' room.
I love that I had an en suite (look at me and my fancy french!) but it only had one outlet. And no windows. Or I thought is had no windows, but if you looked at the outside of the house you soon realized there was an extra window. It had been covered by the mirror. Which was in front of the rickety pedestal sink. That was a little shorter than usual. And I'm 5'10", a little taller than usual. 
This put a bathroom remodel at the top of my To-Do list. This was last August.
The toilet. Really.
The teeny-tiny sink. And the window-hiding mirror

View from the door. Note the awkward placement of my ONLY outlet.

I bought a shower curtain rod. A hotel-style outwardly curving shower curtain rod. And it makes my shower feel huge, even though it isn't. EVERYONE needs one of them. And I really needed one because I lacked the ability to take a shower. I bought a fancy shower-head while I was at it. The first new things I bought for my new house. (I bought a bed next.)

I next began searching for a vanity that I could love. I considered a recycled kitchen cabinet, (my Mumsy was pushing for that one) and a traditional vanity from my local hardware store. But none of them really fit my personality. Or my bathroom's personality. And so the quest for the perfect vanity continued...

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