Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chalkboard DIY

My roommate and I needed a chalkboard for the space next to our bar. I couldn't find one in the right size, so I decided to make one using plywood, 1x3 strips, and chalkboard spray paint. The lumber I had cut at Lowe's (they do simple cuts for free!) and once everything was primed and ready, assembly was quick. I just used a clear gloss varnish for the trim, which worked out better for this than the stuff I used for our spice rack shelves. Now for the fun parts:

Ta-Dah! A chalkboard!

We plan to use it to keep track of the Friendsgiving day menu first, then the TV show seasons we are working on, and other important things. 

I also sprayed a small canvas we had laying around in order to keep track of what is currently in the kegerator, which is nothing right now. 

We have a regular weekly menu on the fridge, this is primarily for everything else.

I bought a really cheap eraser that is not the greatest, so we are still hunting for the perfect one that actually works. For now using a damp cloth is working.

Also we need to invest in some colored chalk. 

Coming soon: My mother's recipe box project...

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